Peaches, Apples and Pears


Friday, August 30, 2019, Saturday August 31 and Labor Day September 2.


Bells Orchard, Beaverton, OR. 97007


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We will be open Friday August 30th, Saturday August 31st and Monday (labor day) September 2nd. We will have Elberta peaches as long as they last, honeycrisp apples and moonglow pears for you pick customers. We have Bartlett pears that are already picked. We also have some picked honeycrisp apples that are blemished.

U-Pick honeycrisp apples 2.00/lb.
U-Pick peaches 1.75/lb.
U-Pick pears 1.00/lb.
Pre-picked pears 1.25/lb.
Pre-picked honeycrisp apples 2.25/lb.
Blemished honeycrisp apples 0.50/lb.

We are open 10:00-5:00

Come see us in the Red Barn!

News posted: 30th August 2019