Peak berry season at West Union Gardens!




West Union Gardens, Hillsboro, OR 97124

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July is berry time, rain or shine! Here at West Union Gardens, Hillsboro, there are lots of berries for you to pick right now, and if you keep reading we will tell you about ready-picked berries. Our address and phone number are at the bottom of this newsletter.

First, for u-picking:

  • Marionberries and boysenberries are plentiful right now. Their peak season will last another week, then they will begin to wind down.
  • Silvan blackberries have been going for a couple of weeks and they look like they will never stop! (Although of course they will, so make sure to get some of those too.)
  • Black and red currants are very nice this year, lots are available for picking. Have you tried the white currants? They are just now ready.
  • Tayberries and loganberries, both of which are blackberry-raspberry crosses, are still plentiful, although their season will start to wind down soon.
  • Raspberries, a long-time favorite of our customers, are getting more difficult to grow in this part of the state. We do not have as many as we used to, but there are some to pick every day for the next couple of weeks. The fall raspberries usually do quite well, starting in late August and going through September.
  • “Waldo” blackberries are ready right now. They are flavor-packed, and are less seedy than most blackberries. Great for cobblers.
  • The tiny “Wild Treasure” are a cross between the Waldo blackberry and the wild western dewberry. They are intensely flavored, and not super juicy, which makes them wonderful to use for baking muffins, scones, etc.

More berries are coming up still. You can find out what all we grow at www.westuniongardens.com. (Check the “Our Crops” page.)

About ready-picked berries:

  • If you are reading this on Wednesday the 10th, or Thursday the 11th, we have a great supply of ready-picked marionberries and silvan blackberries. They are at the peak of flavor!
  • For other already picked berries, you’ll want to give us a phone call to check on their availability.

Your friends at West Union Gardens

Phone: 503-645-1592

Address: 7775 NW Cornelius Pass Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Website: www.westuniongardens.com

Please do not reply to this email address. Your best source of specific information is a phone call!

News posted: 10th July 2019