Prime Ground Beef for Sale!


Availabe until sold out


The Pierce Family Ranch, Sherwood , OR. 97140


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We are giving our Tri-County customers the opportunity to get some amazing hamburger that we have to offer.

We recently took in a Wagyu/Angus steer and had it made into nothing but burger. All of the prime cuts of meat, such as rib steak, sirloin, chuck, tenderloin and so on, have been ground into hamburger which makes it taste even better. This burger is packaged in butcher paper and in what we call a 2 in 1 pack. It is roughly two - one pound patties wrapped separate and then wrapped again which makes it easier to be able to use just one patty and put the other one back in the freezer for later.

Our beef is on pasture their entire lives and fed locally grown alfalfa when grass is not available in the winter months. No grains, steroids or growth hormones are ever introduced to our cattle for it is our goal to offer the best tasting, natural and pasture raised meat available to our customers. This burger is going for $7.00/lb. until it is gone.

Please email us to place your order and it will be first contact first serve.

Life is Short - Eat High Quality and Healthy Meat - You deserve the best of both worlds!

The Pierce Family Ranch



News posted: 6th March 2019