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Justy's Produce, Milwaukie, OR. 97267


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Hi folks it's canning time and there is alot in the market to get and put up in jars. Take a look and if it interest you give us a call.

Sweet Strawberries $39.99 crate

Blackberries $34.99 crate

Blueberries $2.25 lb. for 25 lbs. or more

Pickling cukes $29.99 25 lb. box larges

Pickling cuke $39.99 25 lb. box smalls

Bing cherries $2.50 lb. by the18 lb. box

Eggplant 25 lb. box $19.99

Red beets 25 lb. bag $16.99

Red Haven peaches $34.99 20 lb. box

Tons of beautiful flowers

We have our own slicing cuke, lemon cukes, green beans, jalapeno peppers,garlic, shallot onions and figs

Justy's Produce and Flowers

7924 S.E Lake Rd.

Milwaukie Or. 97267

Ph. 503 659 4169 (textable)

email justysproduce@gmail.com

News posted: 31st July 2020