Ringing in 2021


January 2021


Our Table Cooperative, Sherwood, OR. 97140


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Well, 2020 is well and truly done and so far at least, 2021 promises to be just as “interesting”! We feel blessed to all be in good health and are hopeful that at some point this year, we’ll be able to put this pandemic behind us. We wish all of you and your families a very Happy New Year!

Unlike so many other farms, groceries, and food businesses, we were very lucky to avoid a Covid outbreak at Our Table in 2020. We had our share of scares but managed to stay healthy and safe for the most part. Closing our store to in-person shopping, although painful in many ways, turned out to be a wise precaution. A huge thank you to our community for continuing to support us with online shopping and positive vibes – we literally could not have survived without you!

Given current Covid numbers, we feel it is prudent to stay closed to in-person shopping until things stabilize and vaccines are distributed. We hope that by Spring we will be able to open in some hyrbid form.

Our store will also be closed on Sundays from Jan 24th through Feb 28th.

In December, we partnered with local school districts to distribute holiday meals and groceries to 48 local households (to feed192 people). The result of an incredible outpouring of goodwill and generosity from the community, this entire effort was funded by a series of four community bake sales and cash donations from neighbors. Reports suggest that almost 40% of us experienced food insecurity in 2020 so although this was a tiny drop in the bucket, it felt good to be providing nutritious local organic food to neighbors in need. In fact, this effort was such a success that we’re currently looking at a number of different ways that Our Table can help address hunger and malnutrition in our community on an ongoing basis. We’ll be making some announcements soon so stay tuned...

One option that we’ve already launched is a CSA scholarship fund. Your cash donations will fund a 24-week share of fresh organic fruit and vegetables at deeply discounted rates. This is a great way to put your $600 stimulus check to good use! Make a tax-deductible donation now!


Our crop planning is done and we're busy with off-season projects. Our focus in 2021 will be soil health (lots more farm-made compost), continuing to partner with our beaver friends on riparian restoration to improve water quality, and numerous improvements and tweaks to our practices, systems, and processes. Our crew of eight full-time farmers is super excited to help feed your family this year!

2021 CSA Now Open!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is people like you, investing in local farms like us. Subscribe for a weekly share of the abundant harvest: veggies and fruits straight from our farm. You come to the farm, pick up a pre-packed share of the weekly harvest, support your local community farm, and feed your family the freshest and healthiest food possible. Sign up today!

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News posted: 18th January 2021