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Snowline Farm, Molalla, OR. 97038-9710


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Every year our farm donates to a great fundraiser, Share the Love, put on by the Molalla High School. This helps out families in the Molalla community that are struggling with unexpected events that are devastating to their families in many ways. During the month of February Share the Love has fundraisers of various sorts put on by local businesses throughout the community.

This year the farm has donated a Summer Garden; a huge assortment of plants and seeds to get your summer garden going. The approximate value of the garden is $175 but is currently at a bid of $100. The second item the farm donated is a Wreath Party for up to 12 people. It includes exclusive time in our wreath room, all the supplies and instruction to make and decorate a 12" (ring size) wreath. It also includes light snacks, but you are free to bring your own food and or beverage. Girls night at the beginning of Christmas season??? The value of the wreath party is $375 but it is at a bid of $175.

We'd also encourage you to heck out all the other items for bid. Look at their album 2020 Art Auction. It's not just all art.

Help support a great cause and some families in need.

There is only a couple days of bidding left so check it out soon.

Share the Love Summer Garden

Share the Love Wreath Party

News posted: 20th February 2020