Spring grass finished beef shares




The Pierce Family Ranch, Sherwood , OR. 97140


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Spring grass finished beef from The Pierce Family Ranch!

The Pierce Family Ranch is located on Chehalem Mountain west of Sherwood and north of Newberg. We are on the farm that has been in our family for over 60 years. We raise a Wagyu Angus cross of cattle. We have a full Wagyu bull that we personally raised and he hangs out with our Angus cows. If you have never heard of the Wagyu breed, it is a breed from Japan and this is the breed that where the Kobe beef comes from, we however do not massage our beef. They are on pasture their entire lives and during the months when grass is scarce they are fed locally grown grass hay and Alfalfa. No growth hormones, steroids or grain is ever introduced to our cattle for it is our goal to provide the best and tastiest pasture raised beef there is to offer. We have dates open for shares. We sell by the quarter, half or whole. You get the choice of how you want to customize your share and get to talk directly to the butcher. Never done this before? We would be happy to give suggestion on the best way to get the most out of your share. Never had our beef and would like to give it a try before you dive in and order a share? Not a problem, we have a farm store here at the ranch with freezers filled with our own personal assortment of cuts of USDA beef, pork and chicken that we raised here on the ranch or leased pastures or you can catch us at one of the farmers markets that we attend, Tigard Farmers Market on Burnham St. McMinnville Grange Market on SW Old Sheridan Rd. and Newberg Farmers Market on First and Howard St.

Visit our website to contact us for more information or place your order at thepiercefamilyranch.com. There you will also see a calendar that shows when we are going to be at the markets and scheduled butcher dates, just click on the products tab to find our calendar.

Life is Short - Eat High Quality and Healthy Meat - You deserve the best of both worlds!

The Pierce Family Ranch

Newberg/Sherwood Or.



News posted: 21st May 2019