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10am - 5pm daily


Snowline Farm, Molalla, OR. 97038-9710


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This coming week is going to be a great one for gardening!!

We are open for plants sales and produce that is now ready. In compliance with social distancing we will only allow one family in our hoop house at a time. If more people than that are here, take some time and wander the farm, check out the new calf or wander in our high hoops and see what's growing. We do phone orders for people who want limited or no contact. Plants will be waiting for you, there is a spot set up for payment or you can pay via PayPal. Cell service is poor, texting works best. 503-333-0168. If you call leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current plants available:

Cabbage - Red, Green, Savoy, Chinese

Cauliflower - White, Green, Purple, Orange (colored is slightly more)

Kale - Toscano, Blue Dazzled, Blue Curled, Wild Mix


Asian Greens- Choy, Tokyo Bekana, Tatsoi

Lettuce - Leaf and Salad Mix

Spinach-Brussels & Flower Sprouts

Mustard Greens Mix

Herbs - Basil, Fennel, Mint, Lemon Balm, lavander

6pks - $3.00 (you can mix and match all 6pk plants)

4pk - $2.00

2" pot - $1.00

3" pot - $1.50

4" pot - $2.50

We plant every two weeks so there will be a constant supply of fresh plants all season through September.

Coming soon: Flowers, Coming at the end of April, Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Cucumbers, Pumpkins

Produce is picked to order: Radishes, Lettuce Mix, Salad Mix, Mixed Baby Greens, Arugula, Chard

Check our Facebook Page for up to date and current available lists and hours. Snowline Farm

Follow our new gardening page for tips and a place to ask gardening questions for our area Gardening at Snowline Farm

Cell number 503-333-0168

Stay Safe and we hope to see you soon for plants.

News posted: 5th April 2020