Thursday is Last Day of the season for Peaches! Customer Apreciation day We pick for free!! Also wagyu/ angus calves, reserve now.


Thursday August 22, 8 am until we run out!


TK Orchards, Aurora, OR. 97002


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Thursday August 22nd will be our last day of peaches for the 2019 season!! To thank our customers for a wonderful year we will "pick for free" Thursday morning! This means we will offer our 10 lb. picked flats for our u-pick price of $1.50 a pound. The deal is on full flats only, they will be $15 each from 8am until we run out! (at least 12) They will be veteran peaches and they are wonderful this year! If you would still like to u-pick you are welcome too, price is still $1.50 a pound. Thanks for a great peach season!! Call 503-678-5227 or find TK Orchards on facebook for any peach info.

*** We also have wagyu/angus cross calves for sale***

These are grass fed hormone free calves, they were born feb-march and weigh between 150 and 400 pounds. Their dad is 99% wagyu and the moms are mostly black angus. I have both steers and heifers available, price is $2.50 a pound on the hoof. If you're not familiar with wagyu beef do some research, these calves will grass finish excellent and should be butchered at around 2 1/2 years of age. These calves are currently still with their moms and will be separated and ready for pickup the Tuesday after labor day. We have a certified truck scale to weigh. *** These are not ready to butcher now, they need to be on your pasture for about 2 more years*** Call 503-678-5227 or find tk orchards on face book to reserve yours now, they are going fast. Quantity discounts. Viewing or pictures available on request.

News posted: 21st August 2019