TONS of Pickling Cukes Available NOW!!!




Blooming Junction Farm & Garden, Cornelius, OR. 97113


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Bulk pickling cucumbers are available in our store and by pre-order now! These fresh and curnchy cukes are perfect for preserving and range in size from 2"-5". Extra large pub-sized pickling cukes available upon request! Don't forget a bunch of freshly harvested dill.

We are harvesting hundreds of pounds per week- reserve your order of 10 lbs or more on our website: https://www.bloomingjunction.com/produce-pre-order-form/

We are also currently accepting orders for green beans, blueberries and tomatoes. You can pick up everything you need to complete your preserving project in our farm market- jars, canning tools, labels, sea salt, garlic and more!

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News posted: 14th July 2021