Tri-County Farm Guides are out!




In libraries, at member farms, and in stores

This newsletter was posted 369 days ago. The data contained within it may no longer be applicable. Please contact the farm directly if you are unsure

While you can always go online to find a farm on tricountyfarm.org, a printed Guide is great to have in your hand. You can peruse the listings and map showing the dozens of member farms in the Tri-County area, what they grow, and from there give them a call to see what's ready now.

You can find this year's Tri-County Farm Guide in your local library, at many area stores (New Seasons Markets, Wilco, Bi-Mart), Chambers of Commerce, OSU Extension offices, and at all member farms. Why not pick up a few extras for your friends? And then plan a trip to the farms to pick (or just buy) some fresh seasonal fruit and veggies. Among the member farms there are also producers of eggs, meat, honey, and other farm goods.

This season, keep a Guide handy to plan your canning projects as well as fun outings to the farm.

News posted: 12th June 2018