Triple Crown Blackberries are Big at West Union Gardens


Saturday, 8am-8pm


West Union Gardens, just north of Hillsboro

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It's peak season for the Triple Crown blackberries at West Union Gardens. These are big, juicy & sweet, and the vines are thornless! While u-pickers are keeping up with their field (you can come and help!), our crew is bringing in A LOT OF BERRIES for us to sell ready-picked at the farmstand! So we are hoping you'll want to come and get a flat of Triple Crowns for only $33. This a special price, $5 off the regular, and is good until 8pm on Saturday or until they are gone, whichever is sooner.

While you're here you can pick up some veggies from our farmstand, or pick some blueberries, or cut a bouquet of flowers to take home. There's lots going on here!

You can learn more about our farm at westuniongardens.com, and find us on Facebook. And of course you can call: 503-645-1592.

Regular hours are Monday-Saturday, 8am to 8pm. We're closed on Sundays.

News posted: 3rd August 2018