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November & December 2021


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For many years, we've partnered with local schools to develop and deliver farm-based education integrated with the school curriculum. Before Covid, every child from two of our local elementary schools would visit the farm three times each year to supplement their classroom learning. Now that schools are back to in-person learning, it's been a real delight to have kids on the farm again!

Sadly, a large part of the school year coincides with our wet and cold season. In the past few weeks, we've added two new phrases to our ever-expanding weather lexicon - "bomb cyclone" and "atmospheric river"! Both stark reminders of why we need spaces protected from rain and wind to host kids on the farm. One of the many uses we envision for the covered pavilion we're trying to build behind our store is education -- for both kids and for adults. The good news is that we've already raised about half the funds we need but we need your help to get us to the finish line I hope you will consider a donation of just $25 if that's what you have capacity for. More is always welcome of course, but every little bit counts!

Pavilion Fundraiser


Our store has a lot of new faces so stop in and say hello: We were delighted to welcome Nikki Houck our new produce buyer and Megan Gilmore as our newest storekeeper. Megan and Nikki join the amazing Elisabeth, Emma, Kelsey, and Alese to round out the store crew under the leadership of Ryan, our store manager. Personally, I have a lot of faith in this team: they are full of energy and great ideas so you'll notice lots of small and big changes in the coming months! Speaking of big changes, we were recently awarded a very generous grant from our friends at the Organically Grown Company to help us purchase a huge new produce case and double the size of our existing produce department. Our goal is to bring you the freshest produce directly from local farms year round. Think of it as a farmers market that's open 6 days a week!

In the kitchen, chef Jasmyne is still looking for an experienced prep cook so let us know if anyone you know might be a good fit!


We want to hold a series of community bake sales to help raise funds for holiday meals and bags of fresh organic groceries for local families. Our Sherwood and Wilsonville school district partners will help identify households in need, and just like last year, we'll rely on volunteers like you to help bake the goodies! Learn more here.

This year we want to raise $4,000 to provide meals and groceries to 40 families.

Bake sale dates: Sat, Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11, and Dec 18 from 12-3pm

If you'd like to volunteer to bake, run the sale booth, gather and pack groceries, or deliver the food, contact community member John Harper at johnwestwind@gmail.com via email or fill out this online form


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Although we did an awesome job of getting all our cover crops in the ground in a timely fashion and the warm October weather resulted in excellent germination, this week finds us madly flapping our arms and running through our fields to scare of the flocks of Canada Geese which really like to eat our cover crops! Although the droppings they leave behind are very good fertilizer, a large flock can destroy the tender plants leaving bare soil at danger of erosion from winter rains. Anyone know how to tell the geese to graze our pastures and leave the cover crops alone?

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News posted: 16th November 2021