U-Cut Bucket Prices for Lavender Are Here


Now - July 28


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm 20230 NW Sauvie Island Rd Portland, OR. 97231


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BUCKET PRICES are finally here! “What’s that?” you ask. Only the best deal on lavender u-cut ever. Bring a 5-gallon bucket or borrow one of ours to pick in. Fill it jammed-packed with u-cut lavender and pay $20.

We are staffed Tuesday-Sunday from 10-5. All other times you are welcome to come and take advantage of our self-serve kiosk for u-cut. Card payment is gladly accepted when we are staffed. All other times bring exact change for the pay box.

NOTICE: After 14 years, Sauvie Island Lavender Farm is moving. Our last day for u-cut will be 7/28. We will continue lavender farming on our other Island property but unfortunately, it is not accessible to the public. What does this mean for you? This will be the last year for u-cut lavender at our current location. We hope to sell lavender at a farmer’s market or two next season.

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Many people have shared with me their special memories of our farm. We are talking everything from first dates and senior pictures, to picking wedding flowers and overcoming the fear of bees. One of my favorite memories was teaching a 101 year old how to make a lavender wand. It was on her bucket list. I was honored to help her check it off her list.

I would love to hear your memories of the farm. You can join the farm Facebook Group (Sauvie Island Lavender Farm Group) to share.

PLEASE NOTE: We have not given up the Lavender Farm – we are just expanding in new and exciting directions. We would love for you to continue being our customer and come on this new journey with us. Of course you can always find us and shop online at sauvieislandlavenderfarm.com.

Thank you for all your years of support.

Julie Cleveland and Patrick Willis

News posted: 13th July 2019