U-Pick Blueberries, Raspberries and Marrionberries


July 12-15, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon from 6am - 1pm


Roshak Berry Shak, Hillsboro , OR 97123 503-590-3201

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Picking Blueberries (Blue Crop) thru first week of August, likely last weekend for Marrionberries and Raspberries.

12:30pm is the latest people will be allowed to enter the field to start picking.

All berries are $1.75 per pound U-Pick (cash or check only).


From Beaverton take Farmington Rd west to River Rd, turn left, go ¾ mile. We are on the left. From Washington Square take Scholls Ferry Rd west 8 miles to River Rd and travel 2 miles on River Rd, we are on the right.

News posted: 13th July 2019