U-Pick tomatoes, sweet corn and bulk produce for preserving!




Blooming Junction Farm & Garden, Cornelius, OR. 97113


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Take advantage of all the late summer produce fresh from our farm- sweet corn (picked daily), watermelons, cantaloupes, yellow free stone peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, summer squash and of course TOMATOES!

Tomatoes are OPEN FOR U-PICK! Heirlooms, slicing, Roma and cherry! Perfect for canning, sauces, sun drying and freezing. Fun for the whole family and a great value! Check out our U-Pick page for more details!

Looking for bulk produce for your next preserving project? We currently offer:

  • Gravenstein Apples, 40 lb case
  • Bartlett Pears, 50 lb case
  • Starkrimson Pears, 50 lb case
  • Tomatoes 20 lbs or more
  • Sweet Corn, dozen
  • Blackberries, flat

Stop by our store 7 days a week or place a pre-order on our website to ensure you get the quantity you need!

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News posted: 7th September 2021