U-pick Veteran, Canadian Harmony, SunCrest, and SunHigh Peaches! Picked Peaches and Harko Nectarines


Saturday 8-5, Monday to Friday 8-6


TK Orchards, Aurora, OR. 97002


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Right now the Veteran Peaches are coming into their peak of the season picking! There is lots of fruit left and picking is also easy in the SunCrest, Canadian Harmony and Sunhigh Peaches.... Also a few wonderful Star fires left out there today. We will be open for u-picking on all of these varieties today (Saturday) 8-5, and Monday to Friday 8-6. We are always closed on Sundays. Our u-pick price is $1.50 a pound. We will also have picked flats of both peaches and Harko Nectarines available for $20 a flat and small boxes for $10. Although this strange August weather isn't perfect for everything, it is letting the fruit slow ripen on the tree, getting as much sweet flavor as possible!! For picking updates or for any other orchard info just give us a call at (503)678-5227 or find TK Orchards on facebook. Hope to see you out at the orchard!!

News posted: 10th August 2019