U-Pick Walnuts


8-4 now through Sunday


20707 HWY 99E, Aurora, OR 97002


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We have lots of wonderful walnuts left for you to come pick, come get them while the sun is shining this week. The trees are old producing wonderful quality nuts, our orchard floor is clean and weed free making picking easy. Remember you will need to dry or some how preserve these when you get home! Price is $14 per 5 gallon bucket, CASH ONLY. We have buckets for you to pick into but they are $5 each is you want to take them home so bring something to put your walnuts in!! The address is 20707 hwy 99e in aurora. It's a paved driveway running between the church and Oregon Flowers. There is a big WALNUTS sign. Come experience this wonderful fall and enjoy our beautiful orchard setting while you pick up your walnuts!

News posted: 22nd October 2019