Upcoming beef harvests


Monthly through 2022


All Natural Meats / Soggy Feet Enterprises, Scappoose, OR. 97056


We hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Our first beef harvest for 2022 is fast approaching this weekend. If you are interested in skipping a few trips to the grocery store and would like to stock your freezer with farm fresh grass fed beef, head over to our website to reserve a share. We only have a couple shares left for this harvest, but do have shares available for the rest of our monthly 2022 beef harvest dates. Shares from our January 9th date will be ready to pick up the beginning of February, so you'll have plenty of time to defrost and organize your freezer before it's ready to pick up. If you'd rather reserve a share from a later harvest date, you can specify which month you'd like to reserve a share from in the comment box on the website's order form.

If you would like to learn more about our farm, ask questions or place an order, please visit our website at www.allnatural-meats.com.

Happy New Year!


All Natural Meats/ Soggy Feet Enterprises

News posted: 5th January 2022