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Many varieties of peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears and Christmas trees, when in season. Call for availability and open days (503) 324-0261.  To preserve our help's  sanity, we will be closed at least 1 to 2 days most weeks.  Hours when open 9am- 7pm or until out of ripe fruit.  Most fruit is only available u-pick.  Picked fruit is only available occasionally (except for plums which are picked when ripe).  Fruit trees can be picked from the ground.  We have boxes available or you can use your own containers. 


Update 8/18/2014


Just a quick warning, tree ripened fruit can spoil extremely fast especially after a rain like we had last week.  Keep a close eye on any ripening fruit (several times a day) and utilize as quickly as possible if any starts to spoil.

All of our peaches are listed by nurseries as being freestone with the exception of Brighton which is a cling.  From practical experience all of the peaches we have with the excpetion of Veteran are what we would term semi-cling.  If the fruit is picked ripe or nearly ripe (0-4 days off) they will come off the pit when ripe.  If picked very green they tend to cling to the pit even when ripe. PICK RIPE or nearly ripe PEACHES if you want them to come off the pits.

Our estimates on when the fruit will ripen is based on prior years experiences however each variety responds differently to the weather and occasionally like this year a peach will throw us. 


Veterans *** Started picking fruit on the 16th.  Veterans are like Redhavens in that they do not ripen all at once.  Generally we will have several hundred pounds ripen each day so the best selection is always in the morning when we open.  People tend to pick the largest fruit rather than the ripest so average peach size decreases with time.  Veterans are probably the favored peach variety for canning becauae it is the easiest to can.  The skins generally do not need to be blanched to get them off and they are the most freestone peach we grow.  The main drawbacks to veterans is they bruise easily and tend to be a soft peach in the jar.  We recommend heating the jars rapidly and watching the processing time closely and cooling quickly (Just don't crack the jars.  Use regular canning jars.).  We have heard and have observed if canned the same day as picked the bruises cook out.


Suncrest *** Started to find ripe Peaches on the 10th, definetly winding down in quantity.  This is the classic peach that looks and tastes like what we expect of a peach. Released from California in 1959.  It has even had a book written about it ("Epitah for a peach: Four Seasons on my Family Farm" By David Mas Masumoto 1995 based on a 1987 essay).  It cans very similar to the Canadian Harmony below.

Finnacum's Red *** Started picking fruit on the 16th. Very similar to the Suncrest but skin is brighter red.

Elegant Lady *** Started picking fruit on the 16th. Very similar to the Suncrest is red with an orange background coloration.  Probably our most attractive fruit.  Quantities limited.

Canadian Harmony *** Very few peaches left. This is what I call a semi cling peach (freestone when fully ripe clings if green or picked too green and then allowed to ripen [it should not take more than 3 days to ripen]) Released in 1968 from the Harrow Canada breeding program this is an  excellent fresh eating or canning peach.  A lot of people think this is the best canned peach that we grow.  Not the easiest peach to can however (needs to be blanched to remove the skins and then the clinging problem if not fully ripe).  We have a lot of trees of this variety.

Blushingstar (White Fleshed Peach) very few if any left mostl were picked green.




Flavortop  *** found a few ripe on the 16th picked over frequently, hard to find ripe ones (very limited quantity).

Red Gold  *** found a few ripe on the 16th picked over frequently, hard to find ripe ones (very limited quantity).

Fantasia *** We have found a few ripe nectarines most are still several days green.  Many of these nectarines have been picked very green we assume for making salsa.  This is our largest nectarine and probably the most suitable for canning.  Tastes very much like a good sweet peach.

The season is over for the following


Artic Glo (white fleshed) ***gone

Diamond Bright (yellow fleshed)***gone

June Glo (yellow fleshed)***gone

June Pearl (white fleshed)***gone

Artic Sweet (white fleshed)***gone

Independence (yellow fleshed) ***gone

Harko *** gone

Hardired*** gone



Brighton (cling)***Gone

GW115 renamed Beckman (semi-cling)***Gone

Harbelle *** gone

Harkin *** gone

Harson *** gone

Bellaire *** gone

Dixie Gem *** gone

Redhaven *** gone

Newhaven *** gone

Harbrite *** gone

July Elberta *** gone

Blazingstar *** gone


Up Next

Our last peach variety is

New Improved Elberta (still 5+ days out)

Go to the north end of Banks. From the Shell gas station, go due west on Cedar Canyon Road for ½ mile. Follow the signs to our farm.
Mid July - December 23rd
Phone: (503) 324-0261 (7:30am-9pm only please)
In late July and August when we are open, we are usually open 9am-7pm or until we run out of ripe fruit. September 9am-6pm. December 9am-4pm.
Jim, Anna & Randy Bays


14550 NW Bays Drive
97106 Banks, OR
United States
Phone: 503-324-0261

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