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Many varieties of peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears and Christmas trees, when in season. Call for availability (503) 324-0261.  Now open on Saturday and Sundays 9am- 4pm * * *weather permitting. Call if you need to come out during the work week -not always available. Most fruit is only available u-pick.  Picked fruit is only available occasionally(except for plums which are picked when ripe).  Fruit trees can be picked from the ground. 

Christmas trees available (updated 12/6/2013)

We have a good selection of Nordmann fir (Abies nordmannia) 4'-16' tall. Nordmann is one of the newer varieties of Abies used as A Christmas tree.  They usually display excellent keeping ability, needle retention and have a very slight fragrance.  If given enough light Nordmann needles can live up to 12 years on the tree.  In Western Oregon, if you place your used Nordmann Christmas tree in a shaded portion of your yard, they will usually keep their needles until the spring sun starts getting fairly warm (about Easter) and the needles will be soft and flexible until that time.

We have a very limited selection of Noble fir (Abies procera) currently 4'-6' and a few 8'-10'.  Noble fir has long been recognized as one of the best Christmas tree species available.  Noble often have a bluish cast to their needles and have a moderate fragrance.  Over a month or 2 they will stop taking up water and their needles will begin to appear dry, usually they will not drop. Noble typically hold up well into mid-January.  Because of the density of the foliage in cultured trees and needles typically living 3-5 years it is strongly recommended that Noble be shaken thoroughly before bringing them in your house to remove old dead needles.

Other Tree Species commonly grown in western Oregon (we currently do not have these available)

Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) : A fast growing most economical tree with moderate fragrance.  Best if harvested shortly before Christmas and removed shortly thereafter.  This tree can drop green needles.

Grand Fir (Abies grandis): The most fragrant locally grown Christmas tree with dark green foliage.  Best if harvested shortly before Christmas and removed shortly thereafter.  This tree can be one of the worst droppers of green needles of the common Christmas tree species.  Rumors persist than some seed sources of Grand fir are not prone to needle dropping.

Out of Fruit for the season

Apples:  Done for the season

Nectarines: Done for the season

Peaches:  Done for the season

Pears:  Done for the season

Plums: Done for the season

Winter Squash we grew: (most still available)

Dakota (old Indian squash)
Chiriman (Iranian type)
Red Kuri (smaller red Hubbard type)
Baby Blue(mini blue Hubbard)
Autumn Crown (kilbacha type with butternut type flesh)
Sunshine (red kilbacha type)
Speckled Hound (old bicolor heritage)
Buttercup (classic)
Red October (mid size red Hubbard type)
Black Futsu (non hyb similar to tetsukabuto)
Tesukabuto (hyb Japanese squash)
Spaghetti squash





Go to the north end of Banks. From the Shell gas station, go due west on Cedar Canyon Road for ½ mile. Follow the signs to our farm.
Mid July - December 23rd
Phone: (503) 324-0261 (7:30am-9pm only please)
In late July and August when we are open, we are usually open 9am-7pm or until we run out of ripe fruit. September 9am-6pm. December 9am-4pm.
Jim, Anna & Randy Bays


14550 NW Bays Drive
97106 Banks, OR
United States
Phone: 503-324-0261

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