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I once saw a sign that said “The future of food if female”. This might be true but it is not a complete picture since the past, present, and future of food has been, is, and will likely continue to be female. World over, the vast majority of food preparation work is done by women. World over, the majority of farm work is also done by women. Although our mythology around farmers in this country is inextricably tied to the rugged male individual archetype, the reality is far more complex with women doing far more than their fair share of farm work.

In a nod to this complex and rich reality, we are celebrating food and wine made by women this month at our first summer farm dinner on July 8th which will feature Food Network TV star chef Jasmyne Romero-Clark (who some of you might recall used to be the Our Table chef a few years ago,) and master wine maker Leigh Brown of Lolati Wines. Get your tickets here.


July is one of the busiest months on the farm. Blueberry season has started (u-pick opens on July 1st,) most of our summer vegetable crops are approaching their peak season, and even late summer veggies like tomatoes will be here soon. We also have a full slate of events and activities for you this month as you celebrate the long summer days. Check out the full calendar below and come join us!


We think our blueberries are the best in the region. Don’t take our word for it, come to our u-pick to see what the fuss is about. Complete details here.



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