U-Cut Christmas trees available on weekends

Bays Family Farm LLC

14550 Northwest Bays Drive, Banks, OR, USA


Bays Family Farm LLC

U-Cut Christmas Trees


Saturday and Sunday hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through December  23.  Closed Christmas Eve.

Open only by appointment Monday through Friday unless otherwise listed on home page.  Appointment hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Please only get trees less than 8 feet tall or light trees (my weekend crew has full time jobs elsewhere) if you want them shaken and baled during this time.  If leaving a message, please give at least a day’s notice (Sometimes when it is wet outside, our landline phone goes immediately to the answering machine without ringing at our end.).

Please call for prices and to make an appointment if you need to come between Monday and Friday) (503) 324-0261

Christmas Tree Species

We have 4 species to choose from with full cultured trees (sorry, very few have the layered look some people like).

Douglas fir (4-9 feet tall)

Grand fir (mostly 6-13 feet tall a few smaller)

Noble fir (4-11 feet tall)

Nordmann fir (6-22 feet tall a few smaller)

Natural Nordmann (tops of large trees) fir ranging from about 10 feet up to about 18 feet.  These large trees are available on weekends only.


We are a U-cut.  Please be patient if you need a tree cut for you.  We do loan out saws.  Please return them when you are done.

Shaking and baling of trees is free when the tree will fit through our baler and assuming it is working (it usually is).


Have a merry Christmas or whatever you happen to celebrate this holiday season.


Bays Family Farm LLC

14550 NW Bays Dr

Banks, Oregon, 97106-7024

(503) 324-0261

If you already have a tree, have you checked its water today?