Bays Family Farm Llc

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14550 NW Bays Drive
Banks, OR 97106

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Phone: 503-324-0261

Open Dates and Times

9 am to 4 pm fall & winter hours. We will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Christmas. Please call before coming out on another day to make sure we are open.

About Bays Family Farm Llc

December 9, 2019

It's Christmas Tree season.

Open 9am to 4pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday (see below about additional days)

We have Christmas trees available for u-cut.

We have:

Grand fir (table top to 9 feet)


best fragrance

bright green foliage


Tends to drop some green needles

does not hold up as well over time as the other two varieties.

Noble fir (table top to 8 feet)


can be blue-green in color

Some fragrance

good keeper when displayed in water

stiff branches for heavier ornaments

drops very few needles after being mechanically shaken.

Nordmann fir (table top to 18 feet).


Typically bright green in color

Stiff branches

excellent keeper when displayed in water

trees are usually very clean before shaking


very slight fragrance almost nonexistent

rarely under certain weather conditions, some of these trees (<1%) can drop

their needles within 48 hours of being displayed at room temperature. The

question is if these trees are pure Nordmann fir or a crossbred tree.If this

happens to a tree from our farm, bring it back and we will replace it for free.

We will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Christmas. Call if you need to come on another day. Our phone message should be updated by 8am if we will be open that day at all.

If you need to leave a message, please be aware it sometimes takes a few days before I hear the message.

Our hours this time of year are 9am to 4pm. After 4 it gets dark pretty fast.

Location: Go to the north end of Banks, from the Shell gas station go due west on Cedar Canyon Rd for 1/2 mile. Follow the signs to our farm.

I blame robocalling crooks, telemarketers who can't read the federal do not call list, surveys and politicians for the reason I no longer drop what I'm doing and rush to answer the phone. Thankfully most of them do not leave messages.


The West side of our Orchard, as of July, is protected by a deer fence. The deer will just walk around it, but it is a start.


Go to the north end of Banks. From the Shell gas station, go due west on Cedar Canyon Road for ½ mile. Go straight up the gravel driveway at the first hill. Follow the signs to our farm.

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