Highgate Farm

Tri County Farm Fresh


32854 S Dryland Rd
Molalla, OR 97038

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Phone: 503-829-4844

Website: highgatefarmproducts.com

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Open Dates and Times

Our store is open year round:

Summer: Mon - Sat 10 am - 7 pm, Sun 11 am - 5 pm

Winter/Fall: Mon - Sun 10 am - 5 pm

Or by appointment by calling.

About Highgate Farm

We are a third generation family owned and operated farm. Highgate Farm was purchased by Patricia's Grandpa Ted and Grandma Gertie in the 1940's - eventually they sold fertile turkey eggs, from free-ranging birds, to make a good living. Patricia and I took over the farm in 2016, after it sat idle for over 25 years, and have turned it into a livestock farm for super healthy pasture/forage raised meats. We have only heritage animal breeds - Irish Dexter Cattle, American Guinea Hogs, Boer Goats, and Rhode Island Red and Wyandotte Chicken eggs. Also Border Collies that help us work with the animals!

We are committed to sustainable farming methods to produce local, pasture raised, natural grass fed meat and eggs - the way our great-grandparents raised animals. We do not use GMO's, hormones, or antibiotics. We do not use any chemicals on the farm. The pastures are naturally fertilized by the livestock. They are 100% grass and forage fed on our pasture meadows. In the winter time they are supplemented with local grass hay by our local Molalla FFA group, and alfalfa from the local Union Mill in Mulino, OR. All our goats, pigs, and cattle free range on 60 acres of mixed pasture meadows, as well as forage for blackberry leaves, roots, and berries and other natural brush. Our pigs forage for oak acorns in the fall. Our chickens also free range and provide farm fresh eggs with that dark yellow yolk. We have a large orchard with summer and fall apples and Bartlett and Bosc pears that are fed to the pigs and cattle for that hint of a sweet taste. We sell our meat by the whole animal, half animal, or traditional and unique cuts (e.g. leaf lard, goat chorizo, bone-in goat stew meat, and whole pigs (24 to 65 lbs) already processed and ready to bar-b-q or roast.. All our meats are USDA inspected and certified. We also sell weaner pigs and young goats to raise yourself. Please give us a call for any info.

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