Morning Shade Farm

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8345 S. Barnards Road
Canby, OR 97013

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Phone: 503-651-2622

Website: www.canby.com/morningshade

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Open Dates and Times

Frozen blueberries and juice any day of the week 8 am to 6 pm by calling 503-651-2622.

Nursery Sales by appointment - Micah at 541-543-7566.

About Morning Shade Farm

Morning Shade Farm is open for frozen blueberries and winter squash any day of the week by appointment at 503-651-2622. Nursery sales by appointment at 541-543-7566. We are currently practicing social distancing when picking up berries or plants.

Frozen Blueberries (no synthetic sprays) in zip-lock freezer bags are $24 per 10 lbs (13 pints) or $22 per bag for 100 lbs or more. These berries have been cleaned of stems and any green or soft berries and are individually frozen berries (not in a solid frozen block).

Blueberry Juice - %100 juice in quart jars for $8.

Squash (Acorn, Butternut, Delicate and Spaghetti) - organically grown $0.80/lb.

Morning Shade Farm is located 7 miles south of Canby (30 miles south of Portland) at 8345 S. Barnards Rd.

We minimize our use of chemicals, using organic certified sprays for insects only when monitoring shows it is needed. We use mulching and/or hand weeding around the berry bushes and some limited, non-organic weed control in the berry rows between berry bushes prior to fruit set. All of our orchard fruit and vegetables are grown with 100 percent organic practices. All of our irrigation and barn electricity is supplied by on-site solar energy. We are bee and salmon friendly.

Our BERRY NURSERY has a large selection of blueberry and other berry plants in 1, 3, and 7 gallon containers and several bare root fruit trees. Nursery sales by appointment by calling or texting 541-543-7566. The nursery is located just west of the main farm behind rental house at 8301 S. Barnards Rd. Canby.

BLUEBERRY Plants (bushes) for sale - 20 varieties - in one gallon, three gallon, and seven/ten gallon pots. High quality, healthy, vigorous plants. Duke, Reka, Sierra, Olympia, Blueray, Toro, Bluegold, Bluecrop, Nelson, Chandler, Brigitta, Darrow, Legacy, Liberty, Elliot, Aurora, Pink Lemonade; Half-high: Sunshine Blue, North Country, North Blue.

1 gallon pots - 1 to 2 ft tall bushes (2 and 3 year old plants) - $6 each, or $5 each for 100 to 500 plants, $4.25 each for over 500.

3 gallon pots - 2 to 3 ft bushes (3 and 4 year old plants) for $20 each ($18 for 50 or more).

7 / 10 gallon pots - 3 to 5 ft bushes (4 and 5 year old plants) for $30 each ($28 for 50 or more).

Field Grown – 5 to 7 ft bushes (16 years old) for $50 (available again next fall and winter).

RASPBERRY (Cascade Delight, Latham, Meeker, Willamette, Caroline, Fall Gold), BLACK RASPBERRY (Munger), BLACK CURRANTS (Ben Lomand, Black Down, Titania), WHITE AND RED CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES (Sea Scape, Tillamook), MARIONBERRY, BOYSENBERRY, COLUMBIA STAR (thornless), HULLS (thornless), TRIPLE CROWN (thornless), HULLS (thornless), LOGANBERRY (thornless), OBSIDIAN, and HUCKLEBERRIES in one gallon pots for $6 each.

RED CURRANTS (Cherry, Wilder) in 2 gallon pots $10 each.

GRAPES - 3 varieties (Interlaken, Vanessa, Summer Royal) sweet, seedless, table grapes $20 each in 3 gal pot 3 to 4 ft tall.

HARDY KIWIs (Anastasia female, Meader male, Issai self pollinating), and ARONIA (Viking) in 3 gal for $20.

FRUIT TREES - Gravenstien, Pink Lady, Fuji, Granny Smith, and Honey Crisp apples; Brooks and Hollywood plums; Bosc and Bartlett pears; and Bing Cheers.

We also have several OREGON NATIVES - douglas spirea, valley ponderosa pine, doug fir, western red cedar, nine bark, and red twig dogwood (3 gal for $20 and 7 gal for $30).

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DRIVING FROM I-5 SOUTHBOUND - Take the Canby-Hubbard exit 282A (just south of Wilsonville) and take a left at the first light on to Arndt Road. Stay on Arndt Road about 1.5 miles (including a right at the second light) and then take a right on to Barlow road. Stay on Barlow road going south over the railroad tracks and through the traffic light for about 7 miles to the second 4 way stop at South Barnards Road. Turn left on South Barnards Road. Go straight 1 more mile to the gravel driveway on the left at 8345 South Barnards Rd.

------ DRIVING FROM I-205 - take Exit 9 OREGON CITY/HWY 99E left 10 miles to CANBY - turn left (southeast) on Ivy Street in Canby (at the 7-11 Store on Hwy 99E). Continue south out of town for about 7 miles to the 4-way stop and turn right on S. Barnards Rd. Go about 1 mile to 8345 and the gravel drive-way on the right. ------ DRIVING FROM WOODBURN - come east about 5 mi. on Hwy 211 toward Molalla, to the 4-way stop sign and turn left on Barlow Rd. Continue on about 2 mi. to the next 4-way stop sign and turn right on S. Barnards Rd. Go 1 mile to 8345 S. Barnards Rd, driveway on the left. ------ DRIVING FROM MOLALLA - go north on Hwy 213 toward Oregon City about 2 miles north of Hwy 211 and turn left (west)on S. Barnards Rd. Proceed about 4 miles to the first stop sign. Go straight one more mile to the gravel driveway on the right at 8345.

--------- DRIVING SOUTH ON S. BARLOW ROAD FROM CANBY - Go south on S. Barlow about 7 miles to the second stop sign which is S. Barnards Rd to the left and Whiskey Hill Rd to the right. Turn left on S. Barnards and go 1 mile to the gravel driveway on the left at 8345.

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