Thanksgiving and Christmas Treats!

Morning Shade Farm

8345 South Barnards Road, Canby, OR, USA

Berry Farm-503-651-2622 ; Nursery-541-543-7566

[email protected]

Morning Shade Farm has the following u-pick and already picked fruit and frozen berries any day by appointment at 503-651-2622.  All of our orchard fruit is grown with 100 percent natural, non-synthetic practices.  Great treats and presents for the Holidays!

U-pick fruit :

  • Fuji, Braeburn, and Goldrush natural no worm apples (half price) $.75/lb

At the farm stand already picked:

  • Fuji, Braeburn, Goldrush, Gravenstien, Jonathon, Jonagold, Crispin (Mutsu), Ashmead, Spitzenburg, and Red Delicious $1.20/lb
  • Ugly or small, no worm apples – Fuji, Braeburn and Goldrush $.75/lb
  • Warren, Bosc, and Ubileen Pears $1.20/lb
  • Shinseiki and Chojuro Asian Pears $1.20/lb
  • Hardy Kiwi berries $3/lb
  • Fuyu Persimmons $1.20/lb
  • Winter squash $1.20/lb
  • Apple Cider (all natural) $12/gal
  • Frozen blueberries $32/10 lb bag
  • Frozen smoothy blueberries $28/10 lb bag
  • Frozen black currants $22/5 bag
  • Frozen elderberries $25/5 lb bag
  • Frozen Triple Crown blackberries $20/5 lb bag
  • Blueberry juice $9/qt
  • Black Currant Jam $6/jar
  • Fireweed Honey $24/qt, $13/pint
  • Fruit popsicles $2

All of our orchard fruit and vegetables are natural-ganic – grown with 100 percent natural, non-synthetic practices.  Our berries have no synthetic insecticides.

Morning Shade Farm is located at 8345 S. Barnards Road, 7 miles south of Canby (30 miles south of Portland).

Berry Nursery – we have a very large selection of blueberry, other berry plants, and fruit trees in 1, 3, 7 and 15 gallon containers. Nursery sales are by appointment only by calling or texting Micah at 541-543-7566. The nursery is located just west of the main farm behind a rental house at 8301 S. Barnards Rd. Canby.