Jefferson Hazelnuts – Last chance!

Taryn and Trey will be at TK Orchards one more time! November 18th 2023 from 10 am – 2pm selling in shell & cracked Large Jefferson Hazelnuts from this years 2023 harvest. Jefferson Hazelnuts were just harvested, washed and dried at our farm in Aurora and are ready to enjoy! Submit your order ahead of time and they will be ready for pick up when you arrive. You can order them in shell, cracked, or both. Please note that when ordering cracked, you will take home BOTH the nuts and shells in the bag. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Pro tip! Want to enjoy them all year long? Order them cracked and store them in gallon freezer bags. Then you can easily pull out what you need and they are ready to roast, candy, or just enjoy as is! They can be stored in the freezer for a year. * a 10 lb bag cracked approximately fills a gallon zip lock bag.

We will have a limited amount of extras available that day so please use this link to place your order ahead of time. HAZELNUT ORDER FORM <— CLICK HERE TO ORDER.