Ugly Apple Sale at Bell’s Orchard

Ugly Apple sale 2022

We usually conclude the apple season with our Ugly Apple sale. This year is no different. There are always apples at the end of the season that haven’t been picked but are still good apples. They have superficial blemishes and are sometime mis-shapen and undersized so they get passed over when all the other apples are being picked. Because of the extremely wet and cold spring we had a serious problem with apple scab this year which is a non-toxic fungus that invades the skin of the apple making it appear to have a scab. This year we have some varieties where nearly every apple has these blemishes. The blemishes are harmless and tasteless so the apples are perfectly fine to eat. They are generally best used in things like cider or as apple pie filling, applesauce or other applications where the apple is peeled.

There are large quantities of these varieties included in our ugly apple sale this year:
• Fuji
• Jonagold
• Braeburn
• Golden Delicious
• Winesap
• Granny Smith
• Rome

We will be open beginning October 6 for the ugly apple sale.


All Apples .50/pound
Over 500 pound purchase .30/pound

We accept cash, checks, cards, ApplePay, Venmo

Thursdays 3:00PM – 7:00PM
Fridays 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturdays 10:00AM – 5:00PM

If you are purchasing 500 pounds or more, you are welcome to come during our regular hours or text us at 503.313.1346 to schedule a time that works better for you.

We look forward to seeing you at the Red Barn for a great family outing and some delicious fruit.