Many varieties of peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears and Christmas trees, when in season. Call for availability and open days (503) 324-0261.   Most fruit is only available u-pick.  Picked fruit is only available occasionally (except for plums which are picked when ripe).  Fruit trees can be picked from the ground.  We have boxes available, or you can use your own containers.

UPDATE 11/27/2023 6:35am

The weather forecast is looking like everybody might need to head to higher ground for the next upcoming rain event over the upcoming weekend.  Christmas trees do have a minor amount of floatation.  Perhaps Styrofoam ornaments?

If you would like to cut your Christmas tree while it is dry, I am adding open hours for Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm.  Hopefully The rain will not come early.  My weekend crew has regular jobs so it will just be me and I don't dare try to lift heavier trees.  I will be unable to shake or bale bigger, heavier trees on Wednesday.  You can cut a big tree, it will just not be shaken or baled.

If you need to come on the weekend, please have raingear and be prepared to walk in slippery Oregon mud.  It is amazing how much water hangs on the trees just waiting for somebody to brush against them.


The Christmas Tree U-cut opens at 9am November 24, Friday! (oops earlier I said the 25) and will be open until 4pm and the same hours weekends (Saturday and Sunday) through December 23.  It is usually too dark to see the trees by 4:30. If you need a tree prior to that or need to come during the work week, call (503) 324-0261 and leave a message.  Please leave your name, phone number (please speak slowly), day and time you would like to come out If you know it, please leave the species and size of tree you are looking for with any special characteristics, best time for me to return your call and I will try to get back to you.  Perhaps I may even answer the phone.  We try to have a Christmas tree shaker and baler working to handle your trees.  The shaker eliminates a lot of the dead needles, foreign detritus and critters such as slugs and spiders out of the tree.  On trees that will fit through our baler, it makes them a lot easier to handle, helps to prevent limb breakage and makes tree setup a lot easier.  Some trees are too large or fat to fit into the baler.

This year we have 4 varieties of conifers to choose from.  All trees keep best when the cut base is kept in water and not allowed to dry out.  Most of our trees have been given a handle (an area where branches have been pruned off to the trunk) to help ease cutting and to ease insertion into a stand.  Please remember the tree needs to be able to go into your stand.  Please leave enough handle for this purpose.  Keep trees in a cool room out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Douglas Fir

Fastest growing of these trees.  Slight fragrance.  Can potentially dry out if cut too early.  Cheapest of the trees but can be very full.

Grand Fir

Strongest fragrance, usually a very attractive dark green color.  In some cases, can drop green needles and dry out too soon (this is not as common as I thought).

Noble Fir 

If kept in water can easily last through Christmas.  Moderate fragrance can have a bluish green color.  Typically, does not drop live needles.  It is best to have the tree shaken to remove internal dead needles. Strong branches

Nordmann (and OR Turkish) Fir

Has almost no fragrance.  Usually, the longest lasting of the trees when kept in water.  People sometimes fill guilty throwing out the tree in the new year because it still looks good.  An OSU Extension Agent reported someone had sent him a photo of a harvested cut tree allegedly putting out new growth in Southern California in January.  Strong Branches.



I blame robocalling crooks, telemarketers who can't read the federal do not call list, surveys and politicians for the reason I no longer drop what I'm doing and rush to answer the phone. Thankfully most of them do not leave messages.




Go to the north end of Banks. From the Shell gas station, go due west on Cedar Canyon Road for ½ mile. Go straight up the gravel driveway at the first hill. Follow the signs to our farm (Apples or Christmas Trees).


14550 Northwest Bays Drive, Banks, OR, USA

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